The Winds of Change

Schedule Changes at Ava High School


Time for a schedule change! Katie Boergert heads to the counselor’s office to change her class.

Ryan McFarlin, Editor

 With the start of the new semester comes new schedules for students at Ava High School. Some students in Math now take English, while PE students might be aides in the library. Yet, some students were not pleased with all these changes to their classes. Luckily, those with complaints can request a schedule change.

    When asked for more specific information, the school counselor, Kati Burkdoll, said,Schedule changing is an opportunity for students to rearrange their second semester schedule to best fit their educational needs. Students reasoning behind needing a schedule change covers multiple areas; working towards a graduation requirement, needing to enroll in a dual credit class, or trying their hand at something new that interests them. The Ava High School Counseling Department is delighted to serve the student body during schedule changes and find the best fit for them as they explore options and start thinking about life after high school.” Unfortunately, scheduling forms are no longer available, so students are stuck with what they now have. Before the scheduling was completed, an anonymous student changed his Spanish class. When asked why, he said,”I felt that Spanish was just too difficult for me. I wanted to try something new and took what I could get.”