Cures for Senioritis

Hailey Pedersen, Reporter

For the seniors of Ava High School, graduation is approaching at a fast pace. They are on the final stretch, the second semester of their last year of high school, and will soon part from what they have become so accustomed to. For some, this sends an abundance of happiness pulsing through their veins. However, for others, this fact brings them stress, fear, and being completely and utterly overwhelmed. Because of this, we often times develop what is popularly known as Senioritis.

    Senioritis is a tricky disease. We feel negative things, like the hindering of our desire to complete just about every task that we need to complete or waking up in the morning and having no inclination to get up and go to school. Things become hard, and we sometimes welcome Senioritis with open arms when we shouldn’t. That’s why I have found a few cures for the symptoms of this wretched disease that you may be facing.

    When you are feeling unmotivated, one thing you could do is make notes of the dreams you hope to achieve, and post them all over your room. Remember how reliant your future is on what you do presently. Don’t give up. You won’t ever regret hard work.

    When you get to feeling down physically, remember that although these school things are very important, so is your health. Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, get out and start moving, and drink lots of water. It helps prepare both your brain and your body to face the challenging senior obstacles.

    Don’t forget to give yourself a break. You can go for a while, but you are still only a human that can do so much. Choose a time to just relax. Read your favorite book, hang out with friends, or just go and do something that you really enjoy. It’ll lift the stress and help you hit the things that you need to accomplish harder and more efficiently when you begin again.