Favoritism Among Teachers

Why We Hate It

Kylie Smith, Reporter

We see it everyday in almost every classroom throughout the high school. Some of us are the favorites and some of us, not so much. Whether we are the favorite or not, it isn’t fair in any way.

Imagine you’re sitting in class doing your work and you look over to talk to a friend for just a moment and suddenly you’re being yelled at by a teacher. “Stop talking,” “Do your work,” “You need to be quiet.” So you turn around and sit quietly. You look around and see a small group of people talking and laughing loudly. You think “Why aren’t they getting in trouble for talking and being disruptive?” It’s because they are more than likely favorites to that teacher.

Teachers show favoritism to students for a number of reasons but it usually has to do with the popularity of the student at hand. As long as you’re good at sports, have a “big” last name or come from a wealthier family, you are usually set to be a class favorite. Favoritism takes many forms such as the allowance of talking and goofing around, the tolerance of late work and missing assignments and even the leniency of grading on assignments and projects. This is extremely unfair to all students in the class due to the fact that others may try very hard on an assignment or project and get graded harshly while others do so little work and still make a decent grade. It drives us to the brink of insanity watching some students get away with so many things while the rest of us are forced to just deal with it in frustration. Let’s end favoritism among teachers. If you happen to see favoritism in the classroom, please report it to Mrs. Nash so it can be dealt with appropriately.