Jazz Contest

Ava’s Jazz Band Enters its Contest Season


The Ava Jazz Band performing their Christmas tunes for the Heart of the Ozarks Nursing home on December 7, 2017

Lizzy Linder, Reporter

Here at Ava High school, we have a performance ensemble called The Ava Jazz Band. The only practices that the Jazz Band has are Monday through Thursday from 7:15 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. Although this group has a limited amount of practices, they still have to prepare the same amount of music as any other band in the Ava Band program.

   The Jazz Band has had three performances this season and they still have six left in the school year. If you asked the Jazz Band, “What is your favorite performance?”, most would respond with, “Performing at the Heart of the Ozarks Nursing Home.” A couple of other performances they have are Friday Night Frolic and the Christmas Concert.

   The busiest season of the year for all of the Ava bands is contest season. Contest season starts officially at the beginning of the second semester. The band is planning on going from a mere one competition this season to four, and they have a lot of preparing to do. They will need to put together at least two songs for contest while working on music for the spring concert and another performance at the nursing home this Spring.