Policy Reminders

A Quick Refresher for the New Year


An excerpt from the new policy updates, taken by Hunter Watson.

Hunter Watson, Online Content Editor

As the new school year begins, it becomes necessary to remind our students of the school policy surrounding write ups. Write ups are, fortunately, not terribly common, but it helps to know what can garner one, just in case. Below are a list of reasons someone can be written up for.


  1. Insubordination
  2. Disruption of class
  3. Refusal to cooperate
  4. Inappropriate conversation/word use
  5. Violent actions towards students or teachers
  6. Excessive PDA
  7. Failure to arrive at class in an appropriate time
  8. Willfully not completing schoolwork
  9. Disrespectful language or actions
  10. Vandalizing school property/student property


If you’re guilty of any of these things, you’d best watch your back. There could be a teacher coming to write you up!

Most teachers are fairly lenient with their students, but any of these ten reasons could get you a write up from any teacher. Some teachers will warn you before writing you up, but it’s best not to push your luck with any of them, and remain respectful and hardworking. If you stick to the BEAR code, then avoiding a write up will be a piece of cake!