Safe Driving

Rules Keep Us Safe

Tips for Safe Driving.

Tips for Safe Driving.

Challa Watkins, Reporter

Just imagine getting into a wreck, and putting everyone through the pain of losing you. Imagine your mom going into your room with your father, to pack up your stuff. Imagine your best friend crying, because they don’t know what to do without you. Imagine your siblings wondering why you decided to be stupid and drive reckless. When you don’t drive safe, you are in risk of wrecking. That’s why your parents always told you to think before you do something, because it could end up hurting you.

I know that people think showing off is cool, but what is more cool? Risking your life or playing it safe. Statistics show that 40% of car wrecks involve alcohol, 30% of car wrecks are because of speeding, and 33% overall wrecks involve reckless driving. Don’t be in that 33%, don’t risk your life because you think it’s cool to show off to your friends.