What Is Love?

The Deep, Meaningful Four Letter Word

Challa Watkins, Reporter

So, there is this four letter word and everyone seems to say it, but the question is, what is love? Is it a shout into the void? Is it a proclamation for feelings to be thrown out? No, it’s much deeper than any one of us know. We are so used to having feelings that we don’t realize the love we give to others so easily is so important. What happened to this generation, for us to just throw that special word out there and not care?


The 1920’s was just about the best time to be in love with someone; men opened the doors, men brought their girls flowers, women cooked and cleaned, and so much more. They call that “old school love.” It was so romantic, but you come into this generation, and people are saying “I love you,” because they think they have finally found the one. Does anyone know the actual definition of this four lettered word, and I don’t mean the definition you can look up online.


Everyone has different opinions on love, no one knows what love is to its full extent. So we ask you, what is love? Do you have an answer?