Pet Love

Cuddle Buddies for Life!

Challa Watkins, Reporter

Pets are not just animals, they are family and we keep them close to our heart. Pets are not only there for you physically, but emotionally too. They are great at picking up sadness, and they will do whatever they can to cheer you up. There are multiple stories, pictures, and videos of dogs and cats saving lives. They prove their loyalty in ways you didn’t even think about.

Pets are someone we can just talk to about our problems, and the best thing about that is, they don’t judge you either because they can’t. You can do just about anything with pets, such as; take them on walks, play ball with them, run around your yard with them, cuddle them, and most importantly love them. They are someone who you can just connect too.


Pets are someone you can hold close to your heart, and you don’t have to worry about them hurting you. You can let them in, you can let them comfort you, they can play with you, etc.. there are so many things that pets do for us.