Love Rocks

Anchor Club Kindness Rock Project


All the completed rocks are set out to be sprayed later. Photo credits to Sarah Sacco.

Hunter Watson, Online Content Editor

The Anchor club has done it again, once more creating a unique and fun project for their members. This time, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the theme of the project was centered around love. Not just romantic love, but self love too! Mrs. Sacco ordered 50 blank rocks for the club girls to paint with cute scenes, uplifting words, and inspirational sayings that they liked. The plan is to spread these painted rocks around the high school campus and town parks for people to find independently. The idea behind the kindness rocks is that everyone needs a little bit of affection and a helping hand, and these anonymous rocks are going to do the job!

On February 1st, the Anchor club girls met in Mrs. Sacco’s room to paint half of these rocks during their monthly meeting. They used paint pens to write their sweet messages and draw the cute designs seen in the picture. Mrs. Sacco then sprayed the rocks with a special coating to stop the paint from coming off. It was even glittery!

All in all, the project is still just getting off the ground. The girls still need to paint the rest of the rocks, but start looking for them around March, which is the expected month that the rocks will be put out during. The Anchor club hopes that their kindness rocks will help people feel a little bit better about their lives when they read them.