Toxic Love

The Red Flags of Poisonous Intimacy

Hailey Pederson, Reporter

There is no doubt that nearly every single soul on this earth has yearned for what is perceived as love. We long for that unimaginable connection to another human being, the exhilarating phenomenon that most of us spend a great amount of our time and energy searching for. As one may say, love makes the world go round. However, often times we get so caught up with finding this thing we call love, that we forget what love really means and settle with whatever is thrown at us first. The desire for love tends to send people into intricate places, and sometimes we become blind to what is hurting us more than helping.

    Is the one you are being intimate with making you feel as if “being you” is wrong? Do they ever make you feel as if you are not good enough or need to change who you are completely? That is a red flag to a toxic relationship. You should be able to be yourself 100%.Change is inevitable in every person, but they should make you love you, always. No exceptions

    Feeling wrong about the relationship you are in, constantly fighting about various things for no reason, or simply not seeing yourself being with them for the rest of your life anymore may be another red flag to look out for. Take a step back. It may not be for you, and it may be toxic. You should be happy for the majority in a relationship. A relationship will never be perfect, but trust your intuition.

    If you ever feel unsafe, pressured sexually or in general, or dangerously out of your comfort zone, you are in a toxic relationship. Physical and sexual abuse from someone you love is a harsh reality that many of us don’t realize. We want to make ourselves think that it is “for our own good”, or that they mean no harm, but if you aren’t okay with it, then it’s okay to say no. You have a choice and a say. You should feel safe and secure, and should never fear your significant other.


(If you feel like you are in an abusive relationship or have ever been sexually assaulted, help is a call away.

Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233)


    There is not a love in this world that isn’t messy. A relationship will always have its lows, and during those lows, you both learn and grow from it. However, low doesn’t mean that it is constantly in hurt. When these signs are present, don’t be afraid to look deeper, and maybe even walk away. Love is not toxic, and never should be. You deserve so much more.