Planning For Next Year

Spring Scheduling Conferences


Sophomore Trevor Sartin filling out his orange form by referencing his blue one. Taken By: Katie Boergert.

Katie Boergert, Print Content Editor

The 2018-2019 spring scheduling conferences will be on March 15th this year, students will be released early for teachers to prepare for their conferences. Students will be preparing for arena scheduling, where students will be dismissed by class to the high school gym to get signatures from their desired teachers for next year. If your teacher is not here to sign your blue form you have until arena scheduling to get it signed, students do have a day after the teacher is absent to get it signed.

For the conferences students will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you live independently you will still need a relative over 18 to accompany you. You as a student get to pick out what you want for your schedule, but your parental guardian must approve it. Students should be thinking about what they need for their future after highschool and what classes they will need. Everyone’s future is different in what they want to do in life so Ava High School provides different programs and classes to help students prepare for their future.

The day after scheduling is done will be the only day of  Spring Break, but there will be an Easter Break from March 30th- April 2nd. Four regular days, but two school days. The reason for the breaking being so short is due to the amount of snow days this school year.