Letting Go is Okay

Don’t Keep Reliving Your Past, Look Forward To Your Future

Letting Go is Okay

Challa Watkins, Reporter

A lot of things define you as a person; your personality, your point of view, your beliefs, your looks, and so much more, but your past does not control your life. You are so much more than your mistakes, your decisions, and your past. If you keep reliving the past, how can you live towards your future?


5 Ways to Let Go of Your Past

  1. Make the decision to let your past go, things don’t disappear on their own.
  2. Express your pain and your responsibility.
  3. Stop being the victim and blaming others.
  4. Focus on the present – the here and now – and joy.
  5. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and past.


You, as your own person, have a lot of responsibilities and letting yourself feel bad because you can’t forgive and forget, is not one of them. You’re strong. You’re a beautiful soul. You’re you, and that’s all you should be. Don’t put yourself down, don’t let yourself down; along with others, don’t relive your past. It’s the past for a reason, keep writing your story. You do what you want to do, you play whatever sports you want to play, you go for anything that you doubt, be friends with whoever, and most importantly don’t care what others think. Just along with your past, other people’s opinions do not define you as a person. You’re wonderful.