No Hands, No Problem

Quality of Life Not Decreased by Lack of Hands

No Hands, No Problem

Hunter Watson, Online Content Editor

On March 12th, a man named Brad Hurtig spoke at an assembly at Ava High

School. Brad talked about how much he had enjoyed carpentry and working with his hands when he was in high school, and about an accident his sophomore year that took that away from him. Brad was in a work accident that caused the amputation of both of his hands and parts of his arm up to his elbow. Before this accident, Brad had been a player of many sports including football, something he enjoyed very much.

In Brad’s speech, he talked about how life was very different for him after getting out of the hospital, and how he had to adjust to new ways of doing things. His football coach paid him a visit one day and asked if he’d still like to play once he was finished recovering. Brad agreed, and attended the first day of football practice like all the other players. He did fine running practice plays, and accomplished many things during his time on the team. He mentioned that one of the things that had the biggest impact on him was that the trainers that day helped give him a water bottle because he couldn’t pick one up. He went to get a drink after one play, and found a water bottle in front of his coach, so he went up and asked the coach to help him with it, seeing as he had no hands. The coach looked at him and thought a minute then said, “If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.”

Brad spoke about how that moment influenced the rest of high school time, and possibly his life, too. It even found its way onto the front cover of the book he recently wrote about not giving up. The general consensus from the high school staff is that they enjoyed the assembly and the message. Mrs. Burkdoll the counselor stated that she really liked hearing Brad speak, and the assembly coordinator Mrs. Embrey had this to say, “I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say.”


While several students just thought of the assembly as a way to get out of class, there are many that enjoyed it as well. The particularly enthusiastic student Kami Collins said that, “If you want the water bottle enough, you’ll find a way.”

All in all, the majority of the school found it to be a pleasant message and liked hearing Brad speak about his challenges and the ways he overcame them.