Study Tips

Cramming All That Info

Challa Watkins, Reporter

The 2017-2018 school year is almost over, and we are all getting ready for summer mode, but we still have testing and finals. I know, boring, but grades are still able to drop. Here are some tips for studying and keeping a balance in school and life.



  • Keep an updated schedule. Set aside specific times to focus on homework, studying, and anything school related.
  • Work ahead. Don’t procrastinate, as doing so can make you drown in homework and studying.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is a huge thing. You can’t study or work well when you are sleepy.
  • Prioritize your work. You have to set major priorities in life; your education should come first.
  • Make time for yourself. Even though you need to pass your finals, you need to make time for yourself. You time is a must.



Most of us wait till the last minute to start working on something, but is that really our best? We can’t put in half of our effort, and we definitely can’t be lazy. So get up and study. You don’t want to have to repeat a grade, right?