Pack it On Up

What to Pack for Your Future

Hailey Pederson, Reporter

Graduation is just the beginning of chapter two in the lives of seniors. The future is on the horizon, and the days are splintering down to only a few before many of us will be called off to college. The time will soon come that you’ll have to dig out the old suitcase and start filling it up with your life.

But, what in the world are you supposed to pack? After doing a bit of research, I’ve hunted down a makeshift list to help out with your worries.


  1. Your best friend. (make sure they are small enough to fit in your suitcase.)
  2. Your family. (minus the family fish. Sorry, Shaniqua the fish.)
  3. Your whole house.
  4. A whopping amount of mullah. (translates into money, cash, green glory, etc.)


    Scratch that. Sadly, no matter how much we want to bring everything we love and care about with us, our suitcases aren’t quite big enough (but someone needs to send a memo to the inventors of the world to have them start on that, please). However, here are a few things that you definitely can bring and definitely will need to bring with you when you pack up for college.


First Aid Kit

    Safety first! Your mom won’t be around with the purse full of an infinite first aid kit, so be sure to pack your own kit of all the necessary medical supplies that you’ll need. This kit could include things like bandages, painkillers (make sure the college accepts the type you have), gauze pads, and antiseptic wash.


Lots (and lots) of School Supplies

    Your going to a blown up version of high school, so your going to need school supplies. You’ll need plenty of notebooks, pens and pencils, and folders to help you keep organized and to help you have what you need in order to pass your classes.


Bedding & Room Necessities

    Your moving into a new living area, whether that be a dorm or an apartment. You’ll need a comforter, a couple of sets of sheets and pillow cases, and your favorite pillow. Along with that, you can pack decorative things, like pictures and things to hang on the wall, to make college feel more like home.

A Minimal Wardrobe

    The saying “less is best” comes into play when we talk packing for college. When packing your clothes, pack your favorites. Some days, you’ll want to lounge around to your classes in something comfy, so pack plenty of comfortable clothes like sweatpants and casual t-shirts. Pack a few nice outfits for the days when you are called to look nice, and express yourself! Don’t forget to be you, and don’t forget to try something new.



    There are a few uncategorized things that you may need in college. This includes a long extension cord with multiple ports for the various electronics you’ll need to plug in, a coffee maker for the long nights full of studying, and, of course, snacks when you need a little food-pick-me-up.


    This short list gives you somewhat of a run through of a few things you shouldn’t forget to pack for your college journey. Once you move in and get a feel for the college life, you can personally add more to the list. Along with that, there are websites that you can find online that list an overall, more specific list for college. Keep on keeping on, and don’t stress! You got this!