Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Enjoying Summer Break

Kylie Smith, Reporter

Well guys, it is almost summer break. We have less than a month left of school which means it is nearly time to be turning in books and emptying lockers. How exciting! With summer break comes many great things. Swimming, camping, fishing, and even staying indoors with a good book are just a few luxuries of summer.

This summer it is important to remember to be safe. That means being cautious when driving and operating motor vehicles such as cars and boats. Water and water-vehicle related accidents spike each summer. In 2016 alone there were approximately 2,903 people injured and 701 people killed in boating accidents in the United States. When operating water-vehicles, please be extra careful and follow all the laws involving said vehicles. Also, please remember to wear a life jacket while boating or swimming, especially if you aren’t a strong swimmer. Another thing to remember is to be responsible around fires. Never leave a campfire or any fire unattended. This can allow the fire to spread and cause damages or even turn in to forest fires. Make sure to completely put out your fire before leaving it.

There are so many fun things to do this summer, but your first priority should be staying safe. For more tips and ideas on how to stay safe this summer, visit the websites below. And lastly; Have a great summer break everybody!