Balancing Work and School


Katie Boergert, Print Content Editor

When you are in high school, you reach the age where you can get a job. Though, some students have a hard time trying to work and keep their grades up. So, here are some tips to help balance work and school.

  1. Prepare what you’ll need for the day. If you have work right after school bring your uniform with you so you can change during Bear Time.
  2. Know what your limitations are. If you are stressed about finals or something going on at work, just remember that it is okay if you need a breather.
  3. Remember that your education comes first. You have to go to school, you don’t have to have a job.

Being a highschooler is complicated enough; you do not need to have the stress of what is going on at work to add to that. Remember that you are a minor and have limitations on what you can do. Just stay happy and healthy.