Panic! At the Promenade

Should Freshmen and Sophomores attend Prom?


Rock on! Prom was scheduled at the 319 on April 7, 2018. Due to attendance, it was moved to the Grey Rocks Event Center.

Ryan McFarlin, Editor

 Ava High School Prom was on April 7, 2018 and was planned to be held at the 319 Downtown venue in Springfield, Missouri. However, plans began to change when tickets were sold out and more people still wanted to attend the dance. To make the situation worse, many of the students wanting tickets were juniors and seniors. To remedy the problem, the Prom was moved to a larger venue, the Grey Rocks Event Center. This issue was caused by an overabundance of underclass students getting invited by older students, which is the only way for them to attend. Some upperclassmen couples even went separate so they could invite underclassmen couples, doubling the number of tickets sold.

    Most juniors and seniors were very upset they might not have been able to go if the other venue had not been found. Those students have the belief that underclassmen should wait until their junior or senior years. One of those students, Senior Class President, Faith Stevens, said, “I think underclass students should not be allowed to attend prom. Prom should be a special occasion for your last years of school, and attending it as a freshman or sophomore ruins that.”

    Thankfully, every student who wanted to go was able to, even the freshmen and sophomores. However, it developed an important question for the school and students to answer; should the underclassmen really attend such a momentous celebration?