P.E. is Tanking



Mr. Davidson’s 5th hour class steering their teammates in a game of Tank.

Hunter Watson, Online Content Editor

On April 20th, Mr. Davidson introduced his P.E. students to a new game: Tank. It’s based off the video game called Tank, which I have found on the Wii, and involves some pretty interesting stuff.

The game starts with 2-4 teams of two or more. One person sits on a low to the ground scooter, and the other gives them a push into the course and yells directions. The director’s job is to steer their blindfolded partner away from the bowling pins that act as obstacles and the foam balls that represent “bombs.” In the first round, the director may use any words they want, that are school appropriate, to direct their partner. In the second, they have to use degrees and get really specific. In the last round, they have to use compass directions and degrees, giving the game an extra challenge. The students really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and one sophomore named Jasmine McGinnis said, “It’s funny to watch, but I wouldn’t want to play it.” This is after she’s seen the challenge her other classmates faced.

A senior also weighed in on the game. Austin Porter said, “It can build teamwork and trust because you have to trust your team. It also helps your sense of direction.”