Problems in the Parking Lot

Alivia Roberts, Online Content Editor

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Some rules have changed at AHS for students who drive and park on campus. Parking passes have become mandatory, each car must be registered. Law enforcement has the right to search vehicle and safe driving is encouraged. Those rules have always been in place but there has been a change to parking. The district has added additional parking for buses in the PAC parking lot. Spots around the side and in front of the building have been removed and that area has been reserved for sports buses. This has caused problems for both students and teachers who use that lot to park. Senior, Challa Watkins was quoted saying, “It’s very irritating when I don’t have a place to park, even when I get here on time.” More than 20 spots were taken away and none were added back. With the growing number of students who drive to school each month, it gets a little cramped entering and exiting campus. Talk of a different lot being opened to sophomores and assigned parking has spread, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Hopefully these problems will be resolved.

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Problems in the Parking Lot