COVID Adjustments

Mask Mandates and Making Things Work.

Layla Giorgianni

In the spring of 2020, schools all across the country were getting canceled. This mass cancellation included our very own Ava R-1 School District. This decision was not an easy one, but it was the right thing to do. The safety of students and faculty is one of Ava Schools’ top priorities.
“Unfinished business was our biggest ache,” Airin Bassett, High School Teacher, said. Teachers were not able to teach the students everything they regularly would have the ability to. Many events throughout the school were no longer deemed safe. Projects started in classes were left to the teachers to finish with only the students who had internet access. A whole quarter of our school year disappeared. As we move on to the beginning of this school year, new precautions have come into place. These are to keep students safe while still letting them attend in-person school. “This is our new normal,” Grace Mathews, senior, stated. “I’m glad we still have the ability to come, learn, and be with our classmates even if that means wearing masks.”

StuCo members Paige Kimmons and Layla Giorgianni wear masks while cutting letters for the school bulletin board.