Mask UP!

Reagan Stillings

Sophmore Laurynn Brooks stays masked and distanced while finishing her choir assignment.

Wearing a mask has become an everyday essential for everyone, including students. Masking discomfort among students is very common, and many refuse to wear one while at school or in class. While most students do wear their masks, many don’t wear them correctly because of the discomfort.

A large number of school activities require students to mask up. During all sporting events, students must be masked if they are not 6 feet apart. This can be frustrating for the student-athletes and everyone on the sidelines just looking to have fun. The same applies to the choir classes. If you are singing, you must be 12 feet apart AND masked up. Choir students find this challenging because singers must breathe deeply, and it is hard to do so while wearing a mask.

Some students are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons, like asthma and anxiety. Students with these or similar issues can opt-out of mask-wearing if they have a note from their doctor. “Being diagnosed with anxiety and having to wear a mask can be an issue,” says sophomore Lauren Etheridge. “Whenever you have to wear a mask over your face, for some, it makes them very hypertensive and can feel like they are suffocating.”

Many students don’t bring a mask, so the school provides them with a disposable one. The problem with that is, once the day is over, the students toss them onto the  ground and don’t dispose of them properly. In one day, I have seen as many as 20 masks in the halls, classrooms, bathrooms, and even outside. Loads of kids get caught without their masks in the hallways, and teachers and administration are cracking down. Students not wearing their masks in the halls are told to put them on. And if they refuse, they are sent to the office. You must have it covering your nose and mouth at all times. “It’s hard to remember,” says sophomore Mackinley Goss, “sometimes it just slips down and I forget to pull it back up.” This has been a common struggle for everyone in the district.

Masks have caused so much irritation for everyone, but it is an everyday thing that we have to live with right now. It is difficult sometimes, but we must look positively towards what is to come. Maybe in the future, we won’t ever have to wear a mask again. For now, it is something that we have to live with.