Substitute Superheros 

Makayla Elliott

We couldn’t have done this year without these individuals stepping up. 

This year we have had two substitute teachers Mrs. Jennifer Page and Miss Kim Copeland that truly stepped up to the challenge of filling in long term for teachers who were unable to be here in person. The absence of teachers especially when their departure comes mid-year leaves a gap in students’ educational lives. Junior Rachael Elliott says, “I feel wildly unprepared and I’m not sure that I’m getting the instruction I need through a computer screen or a substitute teacher who has not been educated on that particular subject.” Everyone is doing their best with what we have available. It helps that the subs don’t change every day and the students and teachers can form a connection. Mrs. Jennifer Page says that in building relationships she has received more respect from the students overall, “I’ve been able to gain the respect of students not because I’ve been here longer but because I’ve been able to build relationships with students and that’s where the respect comes from.” 

This situation has also been beneficial to the substitute teachers. A concern that comes with typical substitute teaching they both agree is the uncertainty that the job brings. Miss Kim Copeland comments, “It’s a little scary not to know if you’re going to be working the next day.” Not only that, both are working toward becoming teachers themselves. Mrs. Jennifer Page finished her student teaching with Dr. Barbara Deegan in the Elementary music room. She’s hoping to become an elementary music teacher herself. She says that this has given her experience that will help her in that venture as well saying, “I’ve also been able to learn to balance home and work life.” Miss Kim Copeland is currently working on completing her teacher certification saying, “I get experience with teaching while I’m working on my certification so it’s really good experience overall with that”

The students agree, without these substitutes, this year could have been much harder and we all thank them for the extra work they’ve put in for all of us.