The Making Of A Healthcare Hero

Chloe Thomas

Ava R-1 Schools prepare high school students in CNA training.

Introduced last school year before the lockdown, Ava High School gave students the option of taking a two-hour class to prepare kids to get their CNA certification. To receive CNA certification, seventy-five in-class hours and one hundred clinical hours are needed, along with passing the CNA test with at least an 80%. Normally, the class is one-semester book work and second-semester volunteer work at Heart Of The Ozarks Nursing Home. Due to COVID 19, the expectations failed. The nursing home no longer accepts visitors to keep their residents protected and safe, therefore volunteer hours are out. Thankfully, CNA certification is waving this qualification because of the COVID limitations. To not miss vital hands-on experience, students are actively working with the two mannequins the class has received. Not only that, but the classroom appears just like a room in a nursing home. The mannequins act just as residents who cannot move. Students can perform bed baths, transfers, vitals, and many more skills with the mannequins just as they would at the nursing home. Senior, Rayonna Garner says “I took this class wanting to be a nurse, and I’ve learned so much more. I’m shocked at how fun this class is while I’m learning so much. It has me excited for my future.”