Put Up the Coffee Cup

December 7, 2017

Above is Eden Little, the small forward on the Ava Bears basketball team.

The Lady Bears First Game

December 7, 2017

The End of the Bears Season

Trevor Sartin, Reporter

December 7, 2017

The Ava Bears have had an amazing season this year. Overall this whole year they went 12-1, the best that the Ava Bears football team has ever done been in history. All season they have played amazing games. This whole year they hav...

Thor rediscovering his true power, after his final goodbye to Odin, to fight Hela. Image provided by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkt0F3KhKuc.

Thor: Ragnarok

December 7, 2017

Dreaming of a white Christmas? The local KY3 news station is holding a challenge to guess the first snowfall in Missouri.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

December 5, 2017

Anthony is on the path to recovery in the hospital.

On A Hunt For Healing

December 4, 2017

A Fashion Statement: Orange clothing is in season right now. It doesn’t only look good but it can save your life in this time of hunting frenzy. Become noticeable and don’t take a chance of risking your life by not wearing orange.

Orange Is In Season

December 4, 2017

Kylie Smith, Reporter

December 4, 2017

During this cold holiday season it is common for our skin to become dry and our scalps to flake. So, to avoid hiding your beautiful skin and hair, here are some tips on keeping away dandruff and dry skin.   Skin Tip...

Glow Dance

Challa Watkins, Reporter

December 4, 2017

On Friday the 17th, AHS clubs Trend, StuCo, and FCCLA held a dance! They had the theme set as the 80’s! There were two ways you could get in: bring $3 or three canned goods. It was from 7-11 P.M.. It was definitely a blast from ...

An Ava High School student hard at work studying.

Tips for Semester Finals

December 4, 2017

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