• May 14The last day of school for Juniors-Freshman is Tomorrow.

  • May 14There will be a NHS meeting today during 8th hour

2017-2018 Staff

Ash Ludwig


Ash Ludwig is a junior at Ava High School. He’s not very creative, not outgoing, very awkward in conversations, and all-around extremely quiet. If you want the truth, he will tell you the truth in its rawest form. He enjoys s...

Gabby Swearengin


Gabby Swearengin is an AHS sophomore student this year. She is a new member of the Ava Echo staff. Gabby participates in FFA and FCCLA, which she enjoys. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and also riding horses. She has lived in ...

Ashley Tetrick


Ashley Tetrick is an AHS sophomore student this year. She is a new member of the newspaper staff. This is her first time ever being in a club of some sort. Ashley is also a new member of FFA. She is not very social with people ...

Mashala Gunning


Mashala Gunning is a senior at Ava High School! She has been involved in FCA, Softball, Volleyball, Pep Club, and FFA. She enjoys riding horses and being outdoors. She loves to play on her phone and she loves her puppy, Sissy....

Kylie Smith


16 year old Sophomore Kylie Smith is a proud cat mom of an adorable short haired tabby named Foster. When she’s not at school, she can usually be found sleeping, hanging out with friends, or working on her truck. She enjoys watchi...

Katie Boergert

Print Content Editor

Katie Boergert is a Junior at Ava High School, and it is her second year on the Ava Echo Newspaper staff. She quotes random movies in the middle of her sentences, and can never make up her mind on anything she does. Katie lov...

Maddie Curtis


Maddie Curtis is from Ava M.O. She is a very musical person. She is involved in The Ava Church Of Christ, Ava Concert Choir, Ava Pride Band, FCCLA, and many more. She enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with friends and fa...

Challa Watkins


Challa Cheyenne Watkins is a Junior at Ava High School. Challa is a unique and funny character. She loves writing. Writing is Challa’s outlet to her feelings; it’s safe and positive. She loves playing soccer; she plays to re...

Morgan Whitacre


Morgan is a loving, caring individual that is a Junior at the Ava High School. Morgan is involved in the FFA, Ava Echo, and multiple advanced classes, as well as dual credit. Morgan cares about her Little Baby Lass/furbaby (b...

Ryan McFarlin


Ryan A. McFarlin is a senior at Ava High School and is a two year member of the Ava Echo. His favorite activities include reading, writing, and annoying the school librarian, Ms. Taylor. His favorite books are The Inheritance Cycle...

Hunter Watson

Online Content Editor

Hunter R. Watson is a Senior at Ava High School! She’s been working with the newspaper for two years now, and  loves it. She thinks it’s so much fun to write the stories, and go around getting pictures for everything. It can...

Trevor Sartin


Trevor Sartin is a student at Ava High School. He has been in band for five years now. He has played football for eight years. He has been in FBLA for two years. He is a sophomore this year. Trevor was born in Los Angeles, Califo...