• May 14The last day of school for Juniors-Freshman is Tomorrow.

  • May 14There will be a NHS meeting today during 8th hour

Challa Watkins
Challa Cheyenne Watkins is a Junior at Ava High School. Challa is a unique and funny character. She loves writing. Writing is Challa’s outlet to her feelings; it’s safe and positive. She loves playing soccer; she plays to remain active and work on working together. She loves singing and dancing, and she uses both as outlets to her feelings. She also enjoys being able to have fun with her voice and play around with dances. Challa wants to be an author, or a psychiatrist, when she is older. She wants to write, but she also wants to help kids who need it. Her favorite type of food is Chinese. She likes hanging out with her friends, and she also enjoys going on drives and hikes. She likes making people happy, as well.

Challa Watkins, Reporter

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