Morgan Whitacre
Morgan is a loving, caring individual that is a Junior at the Ava High School. Morgan is involved in the FFA, Ava Echo, and multiple advanced classes, as well as dual credit. Morgan cares about her Little Baby Lass/furbaby (border collie), Evander (Quarter Horse), Academics (gotta make sure to get them A’s), friends, and FAMILY. Morgan is currently juggling school, working at a dairy, trying new things with school, and trying to keep in contact with her family. Her mother is in Alaska teaching at an Alaskan Bush School, and her father is currently living in Virginia. Morgan and her sisters try to have a fun and adventurous life to keep things exciting around the house. Morgan likes a challenge and doesn’t stand down, but strives to keep pushing forward. Along with working hard and being dedicated, Morgan loves to watch numerous TV shows and lay around with Little Baby Lass (the furbaby), enjoying a book.

Morgan Whitacre, Reporter

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